“Criminal Nancy boys” — heart’s complaint vs. the ruling bishops

Have to admit, sometimes I feel this way myself.

The ring of criminal Nancy Boys is the same ring that has been sedulously working for decades to undermine the integrity of the doctrinal, moral, sacramental, liturgical Church.

These men – McCarrick, McElroy, Wuerl, O’Malley, Mahony, Cupich, Tobin, Farrell, Lynch, Weakland, Paglia, Maradiaga, their lovable mouthpiece James Martin, Thomas Rosica, and far too many others, including ones who have passed on to their eternal fate, such as Lyons, Boland, Brom – are the same ones who have destabilized and adulterated catechesis, theology, liturgy, and most obviously the Church’s commitment to the unchanging moral law, as we saw in the Amoris Laetitia debacle and all that surrounded and succeeded it.

We must connect the dots and not pretend to be shocked when we see, for example, attempts under way to “re-interpret” Humanae Vitae through a false teaching on conscience, or to do away with clerical celibacy, or to introduce female deacons.

Seeing Chicago’s Cupich consigned to this rogues’ gallery, I am reminded of his immediately scheduling Fr. Martin for the Cathedral last Lent after Catholic U. and other institutions withdrew their invitations to the same fellow.

Not to mention his summary dismissal of Fr. Frank Phillips as pastor of the thriving Tridentine-friendly St. John Cantius parish — when the investigation he ordered had not even begun.

via Musings of an Old Curmudgeon

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  • Jennifer Bartoli  On 08/15/2018 at 5:24 PM

    Fascinating fellow, thank you. Would like to read more by him.


  • Jim Bowman  On 08/15/2018 at 7:09 PM

    Do so. His blog is linked, of course. An unusual guy.


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