Vatican advisor Fr. Rosica tells Pope Francis’ critics to ‘go to confession’

He protests out-of-context interpretation of his blog article, but:

The article was seen as so outrageous that the news agency ZENIT, which regularly republishes Rosica’s blog posts, edited the piece soon after Catholic news outlets began to report on it, removing the references to Francis’ disregard for tradition and the Scriptures.

Yes. Even Vatican-friendly Zenit saw what a nutty article it was, softening its impact. Or Zenit was protecting Rosica, doing a bit of red-penciling for him.

Alas, too late. Stuff hit the fan but good, and the irrepressible papal advisor is doubling down, sending out his original screed via link, with inflammatory final paragraph intact.

Oh, but wait. Francis is about to shoot down his sycophant’s outrageous claims.

For those who think that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn on the market, cash only.

via LifeSite

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