Some problems with the Pope’s expression of shame over Pennsylvania report on sex abuse

He told lay people it’s on them too.

The letter offered no specific plans, but the pope said all lay members of the church should take part in those efforts. He laid much of the blame for the sex-abuse crisis on excessive deference to the church’s hierarchy. [boldface added]

Is he kidding? Hardly. He really believes if lay people paid less deference to bishops — in what way, we ask — there would have been less covering up? I don’t know how he could.

He spared his own operation, complains Amnesty International’s Colm O’Gorman, an abuse survivor .

“There’s no acknowledgment of responsibility by the Vatican for what’s been perpetrated across the Catholic world. Yes, the pope talks about cover-up, but he doesn’t say who’s responsible for the cover-up. Yes, he talks about accountability, but he doesn’t say who’s going to be held to account and why.”

His own record, before this letter, included the Chilean fiasco in January, when he admitted disowned his behavior while blaming others.

The pope later said he had committed grave mistakes in the matter because he had been misled.

Trying to repair the matter, he called for resignations, then ignored a process he himself had established.

[The] pope has accepted five. But critics, including [abuse survivor Marie] Collins [former member of the pope’s child-protection commission, who resigned last year to protest Vatican inaction], objected that the bishops were allowed to resign rather than go through the process Pope Francis established in 2016 to discipline bishops who cover up sex abuse.

In other words, the more things change . . .

via Pope Expresses Shame Over Pennsylvania Report on Sex Abuse – WSJ

(For the full text of the letter, go here, keeping in mind Antonio on quoting Scripture to one’s purpose. Also consider the dangers and prevalence of  pious pap in what church people say.)

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