Gay bombthrower at family meeting . . .

. . . launches the movement’s favorite missile, HOMOPHOBIA.

Aimed this time at Catholic pastors who object to or ignore his program.

Parishes, he said, should strive to listen to LGBT parishioners — “trust that the Holy Spirit will guide them in their formation as Christians and Catholics,” rather than “simply repeating Church teaching without considering their lived experience.”

That’s a key statement for him and his ilk. Go for the Holy Spirit, not for “church teaching.” So much for the church being guided by that very same Holy Spirit through the ages. (Or so we unenlightened have understood for a very long time.)

It’s tantamount to Francis’ recommendations to look into one’s heart for what is right, not  church teaching — a theme for this papacy.

That and the grossly misapplied spiritual tactic, discernment, intended by St. Ignatius as key to the strategy of finding one’s best (moral) choice among possibilities on offer, all of them moral, some better than others, in which the moral man or woman has a choice while remaining within bounds set by the church — by now driven into the ground by Francis as way to justify the impermissible.

Sloppy, opportunistic, mendacious.

Martin is a worthy disciple of Francis, though sometimes it looks the other way around.

via Fr. James Martin Criticizes ‘Homophobic’ Pastors at WMOF

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