Quotes from Archbishop Viganò in his witness-stand testimony . . . .

. . . gathered by “deeply saddened” and wholly supportive Fr. Z.

First, his apologia pro vita sua, explaining why this, why now?

I had always believed and hoped that the hierarchy of the Church could find within itself the spiritual resources and strength to tell the whole truth, to amend and to renew itself.

That is why, even though I had repeatedly been asked to do so, I always avoided making statements to the media, even when it would have been my right to do so, in order to defend myself against the calumnies published about me, even by high-ranking prelates of the Roman Curia.

But now that the corruption has reached the very top of the Church’s hierarchy, my conscience dictates that I reveal those truths….

Second,  how Benedict corralled McCarrick, or tried to:

Pope Benedict had imposed on Cardinal McCarrick sanctions similar to those now imposed on him by Pope Francis: the Cardinal was to leave the seminary where he was living [fox, get out of the chicken coup], he was forbidden to celebrate [Mass] in public, to participate in public meetings, to give lectures, to travel, with the obligation of dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance.

A through clipping of wings.

Third, the Wuerl effect:

Cardinal Wuerl, well aware of the continuous abuses committed by Cardinal McCarrick and the sanctions imposed on him by Pope Benedict, transgressing the Pope’s order, also allowed him to reside at a seminary in Washington D.C.

In doing so, he put other seminarians at risk.

Having abominably turned a blind eye to the s.o.b., not to mention thwarting Benedict, one of a long line of prelates who neutralized the Pope.

more more more to come . . .

via Archbp. Viganò testifies about corruption and cover up. Pope Francis knew. | Fr. Z’s Blog

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