Saginaw Priest Removed From Parish for Traditional ‘Style of Worship’

It would seem this young priest touched all the bases when in the face of declining attendance he introduced a legal, hybrid Novus Ordo mass (the “ordinary” form) with (legal but out of the ordinary) Latin and Gregorian chant, “bells and smells” to his parish, after prepping parishioners for the change.

But he’s now out of work though not penalized
, because some parish members complained and “division” ensued. And the acting bishop stopped him.

Good rundown here, closing with this from the priest:

“Believe it or not, tradition works,” he said. “So-called ‘old ways’ are quite popular among younger Catholics. Smells, bells, classic hymns, chant, prolonged silence, and, hold on for this one, Latin are all largely embraced by the younger generations of the Church.

Furthermore, when younger non-Catholics experience these traditions, they are struck by how different they are from everything else they experience in a noisy, secular culture. These ‘old ways’ are beautiful to them, and beauty is a great place to introduce young folks to Jesus Christ.”

How different it was, yes. Something special, if mysterious. People know the difference.

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