America’s socialist surge is going strong in Chicago | Micah Uetricht | Opinion | The Guardian

Thunder from the (far) left, warning about Tuesday’s big, big winner.

Lightfoot claimed to be a progressive, but her record has been scrutinized by criminal justice activists and the CTU (which backed Lightfoot’s opponent, Cook county board president Toni Preckwinkle); she drew a large donation from a murky “dark money” group that uses vague pro-austerity rhetoric as well as support from Emanuel’s personal lawyer. The city’s labor movement and left will probably find themselves joining together to fight Lightfoot in office.

Isn’t that a blessing?

Chicago’s socialist victories [Tuesday] night weren’t a fluke. Throughout the country, people are tired of low wages, soaring housing costs, privatization of public goods, budget cuts and corporate giveaways of public money. They have tried austerity and found it miserable.

If Chicago’s elections are any indication, maybe they’re ready to try socialism.

Isn’t it nice to know our socialist friends have our back, in these perilous times?

The Chi-based author of this keen, gloom- and intensity- filled analysis:

  • Micah Uetricht is the managing editor of Jacobin magazine. He is the author of Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity (Verso, 2014) and a member of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America

You were looking to the most hope-filled reform effort since Anton Cermak? (Heh) Forget that. Roll up your sleeves, comrades. The revolution has not yet happened.

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