Top Dem strategists launch secret-money group to rebrand party

Going for the gold.

“It’s no great secret that the presidential race will be won or lost in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio — if we can win back the narrative that the word ‘Democrat’ equals people who are fighting for folks who work hard every day, we can continue to win elections,” [exec director of the group, Future Majority, Mark] Riddle  [told Politico].

“If [Democrats] get defined as being about socialism and these other words people can hear about out of Washington, then I worry.” [first edit mine]

“Rebranding” here means effort to fool some of the people some of the time — enough to swing “folks who work hard every day” (ah those tried and true by now getting a big old) in the face of AOC et al.

I liken it to old-money GOP’ers pouring huge chunks of cash into the losing Mitt Romney campaign. Running from the tag Trump hung on them in his most recent State of the Union message.

And count on the Big T riding that horse all the way. While bragging on his economy.

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