Fear fear itself, said FDR in one emergency

Prevent it any which way, another had said in one before that.

Jeremy Hunt, author of “Influenza: The Hundred-Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History”, has written: “If the terrible influenza pandemic of 1918 and the current coronavirus outbreak share one feature, it is this: People are terribly afraid.”

Hunt quotes Chicago’s 1918 public health commissioner, who said, commenting on the questionable value of wearing a mask, “It is our duty to keep the people from fear. Worry kills more people than the epidemic. For my part, let them wear a rabbit’s foot on a gold watch chain if it will help them to get rid of fear.”

Rabbit’s foot on chain would be less trouble, for that matter.

Catholic priest brings sacraments to sick during COVID-19, coronavirus

He’s Fr. Mike Lewis, of El Paso, who did graduate work at Mundelein Seminary,  explaining beautifully the role of the priest and meaning of sacraments of the sick and dying.

Met him last fall at one of the vicariate’s novena of services about abuse. He did the service at a NW Side church. Former newsman, studied liturgy at Mundelein.

via El Paso Times

How My Joke on Twitter Became a Federal Case – WSJ

Not big on humor, are they? The sidelong shot is a no-no.

I’m under federal investigation for making a joke on Twitter.

In June 2019, employees at the left-liberal Vox Media Inc. walked off the job demanding a new collective bargaining agreement. As the publisher of a conservative website, the Federalist, I found the clash ironic. I tweeted: “FYI @fdrlst first one of you tries to unionize I swear I’ll send you back to the salt mine.”

It’s a mentality.

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SHUTDOWN UNREST: From CA To NY, Thousands Across Nation Turn Out For Lockdown Protests

Natives are restless.

Well over a month into coronavirus shutdown mode, unrest bubbled to the surface in states across the nation on Friday. From New York to California, thousands gathered in protest, demanding an end to draconian lockdown measures.

Prelude to sending in the troops? Not quite.

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