How I meditate on a Sunday morning . . .

Good for the soul . . ..

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

I copy the Scripture to a word processing page, edit and comment on it as I read, boldfacing some parts or italicizing, bracket and boldface comments, pause now and then to collect my responses, put them down, read it all and re-read as I go, pausing to reflect when the spirit moves me, trusting it’s the Holy Spirit in this case.

To sum up: Copy passage. Read it. Comment in brackets along the way, boldfacing and/or italicizing where suitable. Concentrate. on it. Store aspects in memory for rest of day and waking night. Next day, repeat process.

Later, having stored this in your memory and gaining a hold on its key points, come back to them during the day and waking night and hold them close to you. Enlist strong feelings but do not force the process.

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Question not asked by major media: Did Lockdowns Work?

Is this discussed much in Chi Trib, Sun-Times, etc.? Op-eds?

We are going to be arguing about the COVID-19 lockdowns for a long time. It’s the kind of topic that gives academics and pundits alike lots of variables to play with.

They can reach whatever conclusion they want — and they’re bound to take advantage of the situation, because extraordinary claims require extraordinary . . . media coverage.

Indeed. More here at Did the Lockdowns Work?