‘Full steam ahead’: Bailey says continuing legal action vs Pritzker COVID stay home order, emergency powers | Cook County Record

This farmer means business.

Southern Illinois state lawmaker Darren Bailey has pledged to continue his legal pursuit of a court order ending Gov. JB Pritzker’s stay at home order, which Bailey and others have argued is illegal and unconstitutional.

Last week, the Illinois Fifth District Appellate Court, acting at Bailey’s request, vacated a temporary restraining order that a Clay County judge had entered in his favor, essentially barring Pritzker from enforcing his stay at home order against Bailey, individually.

Bailey, a Republican state representative, of Xenia, and a farmer, was already designated as an “essential” worker under Pritzker’s order, and could travel to conduct business.

However, Bailey had sued Pritzker the week before, challenging the governor’s authority under state law and the constitution to issue and enforce the so-called stay at home order through the month of May.

Etc. etc. Stay tuned.

Galewood townhome, site of viral party, hosted smaller gathering a month earlier – Chicago Sun-Times

Young host used his mother’s house for both parties. She’s a Chi Fire Dept. paramedic, knew nothing of the earlier party, in March.

The 2nd, in April, “was a memorial to two friends who were victims of gun violence,” he said. He explained further:

“I knew the seriousness of COVID-19, but I didn’t take it as seriously because it wasn’t attacking my peers. It wasn’t killing people around me or my friends or my family, but gun violence is,” Wright said.

“That’s one thing that’s killing us that we know all too real. I have to watch my back around the city all the time. That’s what’s killing the young people, the millennials in my community.”

The enemy within. Not impressed by COVID, under siege by his peers. Mother’s house in a largely white ‘hood, where party-ers felt safe. This is a demoralized community.

Excellent reportage by star reporter Spielman.