You like Fox News. So do I, mostly. But its polling? Beware . . .

. . . says Joseph Ford Cotto of Chronicles Magazine:

Hard as it may be for some Republicans to accept, Fox News is one of those groups that engages in flawed polling. It contracts with Daron Shaw, a Republican who opposed Trump in the ’16 primaries, and Anderson Robbins Research, a Democratic polling outfit.


Consider that Fox News showed Biden with a double-digit lead (see its methodology here) weeks before NBC/WSJ and Quinnipiac released their surveys. Four years ago, Fox News featured a 10-point lead for Hillary Clinton (with same methodology that it uses today); this closed to two points by early November. Was the electorate so elastic that it underwent near-10-point change in a matter of weeks?

Fox News also showed Republicans losing not only the governorship, but the U.S. Senate race in Kansas during the 2014 midterms (on the basis of the same methodology that it continues to apply). The Republican gubernatorial nominee won by four points while the GOP’s senatorial candidate achieved an 11-point victory.

Above all, keep 2016 in mind. Polls inaccurate, T-man won.

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Media blame parks and beaches for coronavirus resurgence and ignore massive anti-police protests

Textbook case of bias:

Mass gatherings are bad, except for when they are not, according to corporate media’s news coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. [emphasis mine: It’s a better term than mainstream]

Though this makes no sense whatsoever, this is the line that several major news outlets have adopted, closely mimicking the position of key Democratic officials who have allowed the Black Lives Matter protests to thrive even while imposing extreme restrictions on businesses and houses of worship. It is purely political nonsense and is likely a big reason why a growing number of people now question the official social distancing guidelines. No one likes being jerked around.

The New York Times published an article this weekend clearly suggesting that the virus’s recent resurgence is due to shoppers, beachgoers, and the like. Conspicuously absent from the article is any reference, whether in writing or in picture, to the continued anti-police demonstrations that fill the streets of major cities day and night. Not even a passing mention.  . . . .

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