The ‘Cancelling’ of Flannery O’Connor by a Jesuit for the sake of “Jesuit values”

Jesuit values? That’s what they all say when they’d rather not explain.

 In the wake of the public statement issued by the university’s president, Rev. Brian Linnane, SJ, explaining that O’Connor’s name would be removed because she does not “reflect Loyola’s Jesuit values,” hundreds of writers, scholars, readers, and admirers of O’Connor’s work have expressed their shock and sorrow to see her repudiated by the university. [emphasis added]

These values are increasingly hard to discern, I fear.

via Commonweal Magazine

Schools aren’t that risky, and teachers are essential workers. We must reopen.

65 to 35% among public school teachers, against opening. Fake body bags, etc. left outside school district’s offices.

Maybe they should have brought signs that read “I’m not essential” — because that is what they are telling us.

Panicky bunch. What happened to remembering the children as reason for giving them a raise in a union contract?

via The Washington Post