Tuesday Morning: The risks for young people

What did it to the economy? That is the question.

Chicago Newspapers

What’s odd about this summary?

A deadly summer: Months spent in lockdown and the pandemic’s effects on the economy appear to have contributed to an abnormally large increase in homicides across 20 major U.S. cities

Try “lockdown and its effects on the economy.” Wherever you stand on the lockdown issue, as thinking it’s the price we had to pay, it’s what did it, putting people out of business right and left, slashing employment, etc.

How often is this slipped over on us? That mean old pandemic did it, not the lockdown.

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Fact-Checking Fauci

Has he spoken unwisely?

Chicago Newspapers

Dr. Fauci said worse is yet to come Covid-wise: Didn’t lock down soon enough, and when we did, people wouldn’t stay locked down.

There are several immediate problems with Fauci’s arguments, including the fact that COVID cases are showing clear signs of a summer resurgence in the same European countries that allegedly tamed the virus through harsh lockdowns in the spring.

Sure enough,

The American news media . . . seized on Fauci’s narrative, and used it to call for renewed lockdowns. The New York Times and The Washington Post both editorialized in favor of a second stricter wave of nationwide lockdowns lasting until October – this despite there being no clear evidence that lockdowns actually work at taming the virus.


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