Pope Francis requires bishops to have Vatican permission for new diocesan religious institutes

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One man to decide. Collegiality out window.

According to Pope Francis’ apostolic letterAuthenticum charismatis,” the change ensures that the Vatican will accompany bishops more closely in their discernment about the erection of a new religious order or congregation, and gives “final judgment” over the decision to the Holy See.

The new text of the canon will go into effect Nov. 10.

The modification to canon 579 makes “the preventive control of the Holy See more evident,” Fr. Fernando Puig, vice dean of canon law at the Pontifical University of Santa Croce, told CNA.

“In my opinion, the base [of the law] has not changed,” he said, adding that “certainly the autonomy of the bishops decreases and there is a centralization of this competence in favor of Rome.”

Cautious fellow, conceding his about bishops’ autonomy almost as afterthought.

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