MSM Makes Coordinated Announcement Declaring Biden President-Elect | Zero Hedge

Winking and nodding, though they are beyond any attempts to hide their bias at this point, it’s “Ladies and gentlemen, start your electoral engines.”

So far, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the AP and the NYT have declared Biden the winner.

Fox News is still waiting on a decision.

Notably, Edison research, a data firm that many media outlets rely on for making calls, has not projected a winner in Pennsylvania yet because of a “lack of clarity” around the number and what types of ballots remain to be counted.

Meanwhile, Trump appeared to be pulling ahead in Arizona’s Maricopa County. This wouldn’t be the first time the MSM has called it for Biden, but it seems like all of them are in agreement this time around.

Hey, it’s the ninth inning, why not?

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