Top Trump election lawyer claims massive evidence of 2020 Democrat vote fraud

Chicago Newspapers

Sighted sub, to sink same.

A few days ago, Sidney Powell said the Trump team would release the Kraken (a mythical giant squid that shatters sailing ships) against the election results that claim that Biden won. On Sunday, Powell spelled out what this Trump Kraken looks like — and she vouches for its existence. Based on the details she imparted, the Biden dinghy (for it’s certainly not a ship of state) isn’t just going to take on water; it’s going to a long deserved rendezvous with Davy Jones’s locker.

During WW2 it was “sank same,” referring to an enemy submarine as tersely reported, “incorrectly as it turned out,” by a U.S. airman off the Newfoundland coast.

In this case, of course, the lawyer Powell is getting ready to erase the ersatz Biden victory. Or so we may fondly hope.

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