Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer: Pandemic Over, Threat Exaggerated, No 2nd Wave, Many Have T-Cell Immunity – Quantum Politics

Nice rundown of Yeadon’s take-down of lockdown:

In this video, Big Pharma insider Dr. Michael Yeadon is speaking out; confirming what I and many others have been reporting, such as:

✅ The pandemic is fundamentally over;

✅ Science clearly indicates that there will not be a second wave;

✅ Many people have T-cell immunity;

✅ COVID-19 PCR tests are scientifically fraudulent;

✅ There are 10 times more false positives than actual positives;

✅ Lockdowns are deliberately based on unscientific, completely fake data;

✅ COVID-19 threat has been greatly exaggerated;

✅ Lockdowns led to tens of thousands of avoidable deaths.

[You can also watch this
video on Facebook here

The video that lasted two hours on Google-owner’s You Tube.

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