Blame Pelosi, not top Capitol cop for Jan. 6 riot

Chicago Newspapers

She’s a wicked witch.

Steven Sund, the popular US Capitol Police chief fired on live television by Nancy Pelosi less than 24 hours after January’s Capitol riot, is sorely missed by his troops in their hour of need.

Sund, a decorated, 25-year career veteran of counterterrorism at the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC, where he was commander of the Special Operations Division, had been running the Capitol police for 18 months.

. . . . .

He had tried for two days to get permission for National Guard backup before the riot but was blocked by people doing the bidding of Pelosi.

Pelosi has never owned up to her role in the woeful undermanning of the Capitol police that day. Instead, she blamed Sund and her loyal House sergeant at arms, Paul Irving.

By scapegoating Sund, who had capably led his outnumbered troops that terrible day, and…

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