Lightfoot ‘can’t be written off completely’ but has ‘a lot of work to do’ to have s hot at re-election, BGA president says – Chicago Sun-Times

Oak Park Chronicles

This is true. Not that I’m a constant watcher of her. Even so, it’s hard to miss.

If [David] Greising were a teacher filling out Lightfoot’s report card, he’d say the biggest “room for improvement” is in the “works well with others” category.

So far, Lightfoot hasn’t. In fact, her abrasive, micro-managing style and thin-skinned propensity to take things personally and lash out is alienating people and driving them away.

“Lori Lightfoot’s pique, her vulgar statements, her open personal animosity toward some of the people she gets caught up with doesn’t necessarily seem to advance an agenda. It looks more like a lack of discipline on her part. She keeps shooting herself in the foot,” Greising told the Sun-Times.

He pointed to Lightfoot’s recurring tension with Gov. J. B. Pritzker and her string of recent losses in the Illinois General Assembly.

Not to mention how she comes across to the…

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