A couple of refugees vs. the first amendment

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What’s his name and his American wife.


Not to be laughed at, says Jonathan Turley:

The media went into a frenzy this weekend when the bonny Prince Harry gave a huge Hurrumpf to the First Amendment. On a show appropriately called “the Armchair Expert,” Harry declared the First Amendment “bonkers” and expressed frustration of how it protects the media in its “feeding frenzy” over his life.

Harry’s criticism of the First Amendment can be dismissed as the unfamiliarity of a royal refugee. However, it is actually far more serious than that. Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle have attacked media rights in England and succeeded under the laws of the United Kingdom. They are now joining a growing anti-free speech and free press movement in the United States.

He’s got nerve. Did he ever hear of the 1776 uprising?

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One thought on “A couple of refugees vs. the first amendment

  1. There is an easy solution to Harry’s discomfort with the First Amendment. He can move to Canada, which is one of his family’s dominions, and which treats freedom of expression in a manner much more in line with Harry’s views of the subject. Bon voyage, Prince.


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