George Soros – The Man Behind the Mayhem

Oak Park Chronicles

In a 1998 Sixty Minutes interview, Soros told of his time as a 15-year-old in his native Hungary disguised as a non-Jew under Nazi rule, watching the conquerors at work, in this account by financial writer David Haggith.

Even in this unmanipulated version of the interview, Soros makes the peculiar statement that it was “not at all” difficult for him to travel with his Nazi protector and watch the man confiscate the property of his fellow Jews.

It didn’t trouble him in the least because he wasn’t the one doing it.

While Soros was not the one actually seizing the property of his fellow people, as the fake news versions make it sound, I have to think most people with a conscience would experience duress just watching what was happening to their own people.

That Soros says it wasn’t the least bit difficult indicates some pathology had already set…

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