BREAKING: NY District Attorney throws out assault allegations against New York priest | News | LifeSite

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Baseless accusations.

NEW YORK, May 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A New York District Attorney (D.A.) has thrown out allegations of assault against well-known priest Fr. George Rutler.

So far, this news has been confirmed by New York parishioner Jonah Bergman, who told LifeSiteNews over Twitter that Rutler told him the good news himself. In response to a tweet by Sohrab Amari saying that the D.A. had refused to charge the priest, Bergman wrote, “Yes, it is true! He is my pastor and he married me and my wife. Answered prayers!”

Also on Facebook, from the public group “news and events” about Fr. Rutler:

Samuel J. Howard shared a link.

This article from LifeSite news summarizes what I understand to be known so far. While I’m not always impressed with LifeSite’s credibility, I do find Ms. McLean to be reliable.

I also know Dr. Jonah Bergman and trust his word…

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