Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan had a meeting . . .

. . . and The Disruptor did some listening, to good effect.

Here’s the key point: Mr. Trump is not going to give up his economic populism or his America-first foreign policy. He has represented himself as the voice for the ailing American middle class.

He is a disrupter. He will always be the outsider. And when elected he will follow through in Washington. Count on it.

The “disruptor” tag was given him by Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the GOP House leadership member from Washington state, in an NBC News interview with Luke Russert.  Larry Kudlow is delighted, likening him to the

many fabulous tech companies that disrupted the economy (Microsoft in its heyday, the all-powerful Amazon, and a laundry list that’s too long for this column).

Such disruptors

create winners and losers, but overall are remarkably positive for the country, middle-class folks, the economy, jobs, and wages.

Kudlow says:

Hats off to McMorris Rodgers for being the first member of the Republican leadership to understand that Mr. Trump, the ultimate outsider, is going to be a disruptive force when he gets to Washington. That’s a good thing. It will finally relaunch America in a positive direction.

New Gingrich calls Trump “someone to kick over the kitchen table.” Called him that in February, in fact, and more recently, in his admirable laid-back manner, on Fox Business channel.

more more more to come in this fascinating race for the big white house on Pa. Ave.

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