Wash Post after Trump for using “gendered language”

What next, not using “person” when you mean “man” or “woman” or child?

The most offensive language, though, came from one of the warm-up speakers [for Trump at New Mexico rally].

David Chavez, a former state lawmaker, compared voting for Clinton because she’s a woman to drinking bleach because it looks like water. “I’ve heard people say: I don’t know who to choose: Trump or Hillary. Even Bill Clinton chose other women. So you should, too,” Chavez said.

(Jenna, our reporter in the room, says the crowd laughed and applauded…)

You can criticize someone, but very carefully. You can’t mock the mockable, ridicule the ridiculous, mind p’s and q’s. In short, you have to be careful what you say and how you say it. There are comfort zones out there with big signs saying Keep out!

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