Mayor Lightfoot Says ‘F You’ To Trump For Tweet Encouraging Gunfire At George Floyd Protests — and makes hash of her police chief

Behold mayor as natural demagogue. Looks into her heart and speaks. Dangerous.

If not demagogue, fishwife. Got into the gutter with Trump over the Minneapolis riot, ChiTrib’s John Kass wrote.

She accused her hand-picked police chief of an “epic fail” in not keeping Memorial Day weekend killings within bounds, telling him personally, then the rest of us publicly in a news conference. Earlier in the same accusation-filled morning, Brown had blamed cabin fever stemming from stay-at-home orders.

Next day, a key alderman, an ex-CPD officer, blew off steam for Brown’s having put fewer cops on the street, following Lightfoot’s calling for less police overtime to save money. Brown admitted he had done that.

But in the afternoon, Lightford contradicted him: “In fact, there were more officers on the street this weekend” than in prior years, she proclaimed. So her man concedes the problem, she shoots him down again. Embarrassing him and lying through her teeth in the process.

We are to believe her? Or her appointee who had already taken blame for the “fail” and is her only source in the matter?

Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman called it her “brutal characterization” of Brown’s strategy, said it “marks the first time she has called out her hand-picked superintendent since [he] was hired.”

That was not quite three months ago. And she’s scolding him already. Quite a boss.

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