NYT ‘Chief Threat To Democracy’: Eric Weinstein Takes Flamethrower To Paper Of Record After Bari Weiss Quits

Chicago Newspapers

Well . . . 

BLM is a Marxist black supremacist group staging an insurrection against the established institutions of the United States of America. Full stop.

Can I top that? No.

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The Philosophy Of Mental Illness. Anxiety.

Getting a grip on things:

Anxiety is the devil. The human body is 80% water, so we’re basically just cucumbers with anxiety. Every time you say to yourself, “What could possibly go wrong?” and Anxiety is gonna be like, “I’m glad you asked”. Anxiety really just stops your life.

. . . .  How to deal with anxiety? You don’t, it deals with you.

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Microsoft Edge trending: “Trump stirs controversy with latest race remarks” — Wow. What did he sayyyy???

MS=Microsoft, as in MSNBC=leftward ho . . .

Chicago Newspapers

Are you ready to be shocked (shocked!) out of your minds????

President Trump offered inflammatory comments on race in two separate interviews Tuesday, including responding to a question about police killings of Black people by saying police also kill white people.

How can he say such an inflammatory thing, which is up there with “So’s your old man” and other inflammatory comments over the centuries?

Does this mean he’s criticizing THE most socially aware, the most woke movement in modern history, BLACK LIES MATTER?


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