Somebody help this guy, he’s damaging himself and apparently can’t stop

This professor writes something — had to, he says — and it scares him dreadfully.

Some foresee a huge battle inside the government when the president tries to declare martial law. “There are significant forces, including the military, the National Guard, the FBI, that would probably oppose any outright effort by Trump to declare something like martial law and cancel the election outcome,” wrote Tufts University professor and Washington Post contributor Daniel Drezner this week. “But the fact that I had to even write that last sentence scares the bejeezus out of me.”

Well, if he would stop writing such things, he wouldn’t be so scared. Sigh.

Poor guy. It’s not easy being a professor.

St. Louis prosecutor allegedly ordered crime lab to tamper with evidence in McCloskey case

This can be verified, it appears:

The famous handgun, along with Mark McCloskey’s AR-15 (clearly visible in the memes) were confiscated by local police and taken to a crime lab, where the alteration to the handgun took place. Technicians were able to successfully re-engineer the gun and make it fire again.

The handgun had been permanently disabled by putting the firing pin spring on the wrong side of the firing pin, making it inoperable. The McCloskeys indicated that it has been used as a prop in a courtroom during a lawsuit the couple had brought against a gun manufacturer.  They had done this to the weapon so that it could be admitted into the courtroom legally.

Used in court as un-fire-able? But once prosecutor’s crime lab got through with it . . . ?

via The Post Millennial

Washington Post to pay Covington student Nick Sandmann after $250 million lawsuit – The Post Millennial

Liars or at best incompetents pay:

The story of the Covington kids highlights the mainstream media bias that has been directed against conservatives and Trump supporters since the heated 2016 election season.

Pocket money for Bezos, but . . . it’s the principle of the thing, right?