What is herd immunity? And how do we get there on COVID-19?

Chicago Newspapers

I’d make the headline something more like this:

Herd immunity: What it is and why it’s a tale told by “idiots” — Three experts on a bad idea

A story in which nobody speaks up for the idea and the reporter produces the simplest of he-said, she-said, leaving us readers mostly in the dark about why the story in the first place.

Simplest as regards the formula, but hard reading — of stuff that would have been best paraphrased by the writer, with key phrases in quotes. It’s his job as middle man and explainer for readers.

Sources are from Northwestern, U. of Chicago (shown at podium next to the mayor), and Johns Hopkins. Usual suspects.

The N.U. man used the “idiots” term in reference to non-specialists who spout off. In answer to a reporter’s question, to be fair.

Thank you, Chi Trib.

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 Good question:

Hans Bader, writing on Liberty Unyielding, brings together the evidence that the Chinese Communist Party is systematically oppressing three million people, using torture and concentration camps.

Yet when was the last time the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC or CBS did any investigative reporting on this horrendous abuse of human rights?

I give up. When?