Chicago Tribune’s John Kass will not take a knee to cancel culture

Towards the end of this this forthright and thorough column about Kass’ being accused and not giving up, is this accurate description of his accusers, fellow news people of the Chicago Tribune Guild:

Kass is right not to back down. He did nothing wrong. His colleagues are cowards and backstabbing weasels. They deserve nothing but disdain and mockery.

They and their ilk.

Swedish epidemiology boss says questioned COVID-19 strategy seems to be working – Reuters

The took a non-panic approach to the pandemic. Turned out to be the right one. (When in doubt, don’t panic.)

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden’s top epidemiologist said on Tuesday a rapid decline in new critical COVID-19 cases alongside slowing death rates indicated that Sweden’s strategy for slowing the epidemic, which has been widely questioned abroad, was working.

Sweden has foregone a hard lockdown throughout the outbreak, a strategy that set it apart from most of Europe.

Chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell of the public health agency said a rapid slowdown in the spread of the virus indicated very strongly that Sweden had reached relatively widespread immunity.

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