Silence squelched in Novus Ordo mass — a meditation on noise

Vatican 2-style mass and the death of silence . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

The parish has N.O. masses and also Extraordinary Form (Latin) masses. Today I attended one of the former, where I had to start jotting just as the sermon began. Only a six-minuter and something acceptable, I trust, in any case not unusually good or bad.

Feeling dreaded ennui coming on, I reached for the little black pad and pen, and there I was again. In the few recent weeks when I made Extraordinary (Latin) my mass of choice, I had not done this once!

Why now? Because the service was losing my attention, and I had to wrench it back into place by recording my reflections. It’s a ploy I learned decades ago, in my exclusively N.O. days. This was my first trial of attention, of cooperation, collaboration, indeed participation in the holy sacrifice.

Most preachers fall short and thereby constitute a distraction. On this occasion Father urged us on…

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