How Legacy Players Are Changing Lineup In Big League Ball

A leveler’s nightmare.

Chicago Newspapers

Droll meets common sense as to some iffy ideas by some legislators about leveling playing fields the nation over. In fact, the writer at one point refers to these dedicated souls as levelers— a word with a history.

He, by the way, is a New York gem. His outlet is the NY Sun. Read him.

His closing lines save the meat or heart of his treatment.

That doesn’t mean that first-generation ballpayers won’t sometimes win, or that some children of Hall-of-Fame baseball players might not be better off going to law school. It does mean that when fans are finally allowed back into ballparks, rather than booing the Blue Jays infield for reproducing a multigenerational lineage of hereditary elites, we can cheer them for exemplifying family values.

Got it.

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