I have a thesis I’m working on, that Dr. Fauci is a (mere?) technician . . .

Dr. Fauci . . .

Oak Park Chronicles

An accomplished public figure with 36 years (and counting) experience in parlaying comparatively narrow expertise into political gold . . .

How dare I talk that way? He’s a national hero, more or less, the uncle to whom (almost) everyone looks for guidance, though sometimes (with apologies to the ethnic group, which I personally admire immensely) a Dutch one, something of a scold, that is.

But to the issue at hand: Is Dr. T. a (mere) technician? Like the kidney specialist, one of several attending a (dying) man on life support, who judged that he as man in charge of kidneys could keep the patient alive indefinitely. He can’t be blamed for answering in this way: when I comes to kidneys, he has to be listened to.

So it is with Dr. F., who knows pandemics, been at it for a very long time, including (or comprising) his 36 years…

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