Michelle Rips Trump For ‘Kids In Cages,’ Forgets Her Husband Started It – Sara A. Carter

Egad, she’s so dumb or ill-informed about a longtime refuted attack on Trump, that she repeats the ill-informed and ill-intended attack:

During her speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention, former first lady Michelle Obama called out and berated President Trump for the widely used accusation of separating children from their parents at the Southern Border and locking them in “cages.” . . .

[But] as reported by the AP, [she] . . . forgot to mention that they were constructed during Barack Obama’s presidency and used for the . . . same purpose. . . . to hold migrant children until U.S. Customs and Border Protection, along with Health and Human Services, could verify the children’s ‘parents.’ Many times, migrant children were discovered to be trafficked into the United States by criminals or persons with nefarious purposes.

If the Dem Committee is so stupid or venal on this obvious point, it will be an even harder slog for them in the weeks ahead than Republicans have hoped for.

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