Portland Rioters Attempt To Burn Down Precinct, Hurl Feces At Cops During Weekend Attacks – The Police Tribune

Sick, sick, sick:

Portland, OR –Rioters attempted to burn the Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) North Precinct to the ground on Sunday night after attacking officers with feces, mortars, rocks, ceramic objects, chunks of sharp concrete, and various other projectiles throughout the weekend.


A mob of more than 200 people – most of whom were wearing gas masks, helmets, armor, and all-black clothing and carrying shields – began marching from Woodlawn Park to the North Precinct on Northeast Emerson Street at approximately 9:45 p.m., according to police.

It’s the Battle of Portland:

Police blocked nearby roadways and positioned patrol vehicles across the street from the precinct in order to provide officers with “protective space” and to help defend the building, according to the press release.

Rioters “immediately lit a fire in a dumpster and pushed it into the intersection” when they arrived at the North Precinct and used it as a shield, PPB said.

They also wheeled a flatbed trailer onto Northeast Emerson Street and pushed it onto its side in order to use it “as a shield,” according to the release.

Hear the roar of disapproval from the Biden camp? Deafening.

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