Stories of redemption at the RNC convention

In the land of opportunity:

Melania was they final speaker (Fox News) on a night when redemption was a big theme. A former criminal pardoned, a former abortion leader tells her story, and five immigrants became citizens in front of all of their now fellow Americans. Then Melania, the final speaker, told of growing up in Slovenia, then a communist country, and immigrating to America and eventually becoming a citizen.

From Dan McLaughlin: We’ve heard a lot about America as the land of opportunity, about overcoming discrimination, and about opportunity-spreading policies such as school choice. Many of these speakers were compelling on their own terms. Melania’s speech, despite her accent and obvious discomfort as a public speaker in a second language, struck a lot of great themes. All of them are fully consistent with conservative principles and Republican traditions (National Review)

Onward and upward.

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