Trending: Trump’s odds of winning rise to 50-50, first time in 92 days

What. Do. You. Know.

In a trend that began in July, the once-slumping odds that President Trump will win reelection have risen from 36% to an average of 50-50, with some gambling sites giving him a better than even chance of winning.

Oddschecker’s Pete Watt said Friday that Trump???s odds haven’t been this positive since May 28, 92 days ago, and come on the morning after the president accepted the Republican Party’s nomination to run for a second term.

Joe Biden still has a slight edge with the gamblers, at 52%. He had a 63% chance of winning in mid-July.

“This election has ebbed and flowed in favor of Trump, with plenty of observers beginning to write him off in the past few weeks,” said the spokesman for the British betting comparison site.

“However, with Election Day now very much of the horizon and Trump officially confirmed as the Republican nominee, his campaign will be delighted at the timely comeback that is being reflected in the betting markets,” he added.

Watt said that some betting sites have Trump beating Biden. “Some oddsmakers have even cut Trump”s odds to -110, demonstrative of a 52.38% likelihood of securing a second term,” said his analysis.

Seems voters giving up on the guy in the basement.

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