CEO magazine: Texas, Florida best states for business; California, New York, Illinois the worst

Woe is us in IL et al. Keep in mind: Business (jobs, independence, not depending on welfare etc.) does better in states not run by Democrats.

(The Center Square) – For the 17th year in a row, Texas was named the “Best State for Business” by the nation’s leading CEOs in an annual survey conducted by Chief Executive Magazine. Once again, California was ranked the worst.

The rankings are determined by CEO’s assessment of each state’s business climate, workforce, and quality of life. Texas has ranked first every year for 17 years since the magazine first began its assessment.

Florida ranked second, with Tennessee, North Carolina and Indiana, rounding out the top five. California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Washington ranked in the bottom five. The bottom ranking states are “the usual bunch,” the magazine states. “Despite powerful human capital, high costs remain a turnoff” for businesses.

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