Fr. Thomas Reese • “Young People Should Not Be Allowed To Attend” Latin Mass

Fr. Thomas Reese SJ grinding an axe, calling for draconian measures vs. the “unreformed” in these many years since Vatican 2.

Scratch a progressive and you find a stern disciplinarian. Very stern.

This blogger, Jeff Ostrowski, asks:

By the way, what is this obsession Father Thomas Reese has with the Second Vatican Council? Does he not realize the Council took place sixty years ago? Why does he focus on Vatican II, while neglecting all the other councils?

Father Thomas Reese, a dissident priest, has said many disturbing things, including stating that there are “more important” things that happen during Holy Mass than Transubstantiation. For myself, I would not receive Holy Communion from a person like Father Thomas Reese.

Better an extraordinary minister, apparently.

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