Arne Duncan, the great white hope, spouts nonsense on a peace march

Chicago Newspapers

Promoting a better, softer approach:

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan weighed in on the recent crisis, saying that entering more people into the criminal justice system does not solve the issue.

“Our guys in the street, they’re just looking for family. It’s the wrong family. We all have to be the family,” Duncan said.

Our guys who kill each other and others “looking for family”?

These are the words of a man preparing to run for office, John Kass writes, asking if we “miss[ed] the big Chicago mayoral campaign coming out party for Arne Duncan the other day.”

He’s part of that Democrat insider progressive/corporate clique that now runs Chicago. He’s been repeatedly mentioned as a mayoral candidate. And there he was the other night at that stop-violence march with several TV cameras in tow.

You get it now?

Kass reads more political…

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