The sisters had nothing to do with Biden and CNN coming to the university they sponsor (its board booked them) . . .

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

. . . but they are happy about it, welcoming the event as an “opportunity [to provide] space for the free exchange and rigorous examination of information and ideas.”

If the Biden event mistakenly features “free exchange and rigorous rigorous examination of information and ideas,” it will be a first. So what are the sisters talking about?

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The clue to media bias . . .

Chicago Newspapers

Not what they say and write but what they don’t.

Agenda bias in media is never revealed by what they choose to cover in print, online or on networks. More times than not, it’s what they choose to ignore and no story was making more national waves not seven days ago than the follies of the Texas Democrats.”

The ones who flew to DC to thwart their back-home majority, celebrated before they became spreaders, forgotten when they did.

Of course, there’s nothing to match the wholesale ignoring of the Hunter Biden story — thanks, NY Post — in the weeks before the election, not to mention since then.

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Singin’ in the Midland . . .

Writers & Writing

. . . with the society of same (Midland Authors) in a coming event:

Woodstock @ 50 with Gerald Plecki

August 10, 2021

Cocktail hour: 6-7 pm; Panel discussion: 7-8 pm at the Cliff Dwellers Club, 200 S. Michigan Ave., 22ndfloor penthouse­—with a great view of Millennium Park!

Masks will be required; social distancing will be practiced. Stay safe!

Free, open to the public; Free appetizers, cash bar

Singing in the Rain: The Definitive Story of Woodstock at Fifty, by Gerard Plecki [discussion of

Cocktails to be sipped through straws inserted in small mask-hole, and . . . keep your distance fella!

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