How’s your day going so far? Are you safe?

Writers & Writing

July 14, 2021

Bastille Day, commemorated by twin flags side by side on a house on Bryn Mawr, U.S. and francaise.

“My friend” “Be safe” “Have a nice rest of the day” — OK words of our day, heard from several gentlemen closing down their Starbucks sidewalk confabulation.

Famous 20th-century writers Beckett and Joyce ended their careers writing “more and more for their own pleasure and interest.” “Seemed to,” at any rate. Also “seemed to leave more and more readers behind.” (p. 7 of Lydia Davis’ Essays One, Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2019)

Starbucks wants to “add a little joy to [my] day,” it says on the cup before me. Is this a cup I see before me? Indeed it is, and a potentially joyful one at that.

Two ladies of advanced years get off bicycles, one waits outside for the other, posting her little black and white…

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