Singin’ in the Midland . . .

Writers & Writing

. . . with the society of same (Midland Authors) in a coming event:

Woodstock @ 50 with Gerald Plecki

August 10, 2021

Cocktail hour: 6-7 pm; Panel discussion: 7-8 pm at the Cliff Dwellers Club, 200 S. Michigan Ave., 22ndfloor penthouse­—with a great view of Millennium Park!

Masks will be required; social distancing will be practiced. Stay safe!

Free, open to the public; Free appetizers, cash bar

Singing in the Rain: The Definitive Story of Woodstock at Fifty, by Gerard Plecki [discussion of

Cocktails to be sipped through straws inserted in small mask-hole, and . . . keep your distance fella!

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