A specter is haunting the cities . . .

Chicago Newspapers

. . . including Philadelphia, Louisville, Tucson, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago . . .

What’s the common thread . . . ? . . . Who’s funding the prosecutors?

In St. Louis, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s campaign took more than $200,000 from a group backed by the billionaire George Soros. . . . Gardner was open about her desire to stop prosecuting crimes.

“We have to tear down the system,” she said two years ago, [causing] . . . mass incarceration.” . . . In 2019 [she] issued warrants for just 23% of the cases brought by St. Louis Police.

Soros also funded DA Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Foxx in Chicago and George Gascon in LA. . . . Soros is spent millions on them . . .

And now look.

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