It’s the spirit that moves you

NYT politics writer Matt Bai has a point I brought up about Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s describing the Obama campaign in movement terms.  It has to do with O’s huge crowds, including older folks who had no chance to ask qq in a recent New H. appearance, and his reliance on the under-40 vote.  However persuasive the argument, and Bai is blessedly tentative about this (which you are allowed to be in a blog, where this appears), he says Obama

does seem to be entering a perilous moment where his well-funded campaign could easily become this year’s “cause” or “movement,” rather than a candidacy with the kind of broad support you need to get you through to the convention. Liberal causes built on beautiful speeches and campus rallies never really win the nomination; they just fade into noble lore, fondly remembered by that breed of Democrat who seems to view losing as a kind of moral validation.