Preacher talk

Obama’s minister has a way with words.  Listing O. as a black savior along with slave-rebellion leader Nat Turner and Martin Luther King, he said there have always been reasons not to follow them.

Some argue that blacks should vote for Clinton “because her husband was good to us,” he continued.

“That’s not true,” he thundered. “He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.”


Pundit quiz

Who said this?

One clue that Romney is our strongest candidate is the fact that Democrats keep viciously attacking him while expressing their deep respect for Mike Huckabee and John McCain.

It’s someone with a keen eye for liberal obfuscation and sharp wit for nailing it.  Here’s your killer tip, next ‘graph:

This point was already extensively covered in Chapter 1 of “How To Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)”: Never take advice from your political enemies.

OK.  It’s the author of that collection of keen, sharp columnary broadsides, Miss Ann Coulter.