Not so sure about these guys

The Vatican cardinal speaking in Rome at the Jesuit’s general congregation for electing a new general

told the Jesuits that it is with “sorrow and anxiety” that he has seen even members of religious orders weaken their attachment to the institutional church and their fidelity to its official teaching.

You gotta love bishops, for instance:

 “With sadness and anxiety, I also see a growing distancing from the hierarchy,” he said, emphasizing that St. Ignatius insisted his companions exercise their ministry under a particularly close bond of obedience to the pope.

“The fundamental nucleus of Ignatian spirituality consists in uniting love for God with love for the hierarchical church,” Cardinal Rode said.

You are bothering people:

 “The doctrinal diversity of those who … by vocation and mission are called to announce the kingdom of truth and love, disorients the faithful and leads to a relativism without limits,” he said.

Otherwise, nice job and good luck!

The man who wouldn’t ask how high

Criticism of Fred T. as lacking fire in belly, etc.

is put forth by the court jesters who know their brand of foolishness could not get an audience in a Thompson presidency.

says private-citizen letter-writer in Tennessean.

Yes.  He could revolutionize media coverage.  Imagine a president willing to say that’s a dumb question.  It’s not easy.