Where the elite meet to bleat

Barack Obama’s church:

A leading Democratic candidate for president attends an “Afrocentric” church that bestows awards on Louis Farrakhan and practically defines itself through race-baiting. Burt Prelutsky asks, why isn’t Barack Obama’s faith-based problem making national headlines and the nightly news?

He’s a uniter?

Update from Instapundit:

MICKEY KAUS: “It’s hard to believe that Obama’s Afrocentric church–with its troubling attack on ‘the pursuit of middeclassness’–isn’t going to be an issue in the campaign, soon.”

Meanwhile, Reader Bob urges me to attend this church some time, “sit through a service, introduce [my]self and . . . stay for the discussions after or join in some of their social service activities which truly benefit their community and backstop other communities’ churches without the resources that [this church] Trinity UCC has. Seriously, it is an incredible house of worship with good Christians.”

Maybe I will (but first get these leg-long casts off: they prohibit my kneeling, for worship or anything else).  I did that at St. Sabina once, listening to Al Sharpton give a political speech disguised as a a sermon.  Trouble is, would I hear the Gospel of Afrocentrism?

Straw in wind

Instapundit hears this:

THE NEW YORK TIMES reports [cited below] that Fred Thompson is surging in South Carolina. And I just got an email from a journalist who says that crowds at Thompson events are suddenly over-capacity. Is it a tipping point for Thompson, or just a blip? Stay tuned.

I intend to.