The horses they are racing

Fred Thompson is gaining in S. Carolina, Huckabee is losing, says Rasmussen:

Over the past several days, the only real movement in South Carolina’s Republican Presidential Primary has been a four-point gain for Fred Thompson and a five-point decline for Mike Huckabee.


McCain at 28%, Huckabee at 19%, Mitt Romney at 17%, and Fred Thompson at 16%. Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul are tied with 5% support.

Let’s not forget da fence

This guy picks Fred Thompson for November, emphasizing (guess what?) defense, the ever-present Dem weak point:

Why will he win? Because there are only three candidates who are strong on defense yet do not offend many Republicans: Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson. Of these three, Giuliani seems to be stumbling badly and Romney is stumbling badly enough to give an opening to Thompson.

Robert Frost said it ironically, but fences are important.