JP Morgan Chase looking a mite tattered

This JP Morgan business is beginning to look like a case of Jamie, we hardly knew you. We meaning people on the street never did know him, but some thought they did, and it is to them I refer, including the presidential amateur who says Chase bank is so very well operated. It is?

(Jamie as in Dimon, of course, close buddy of The Amateur.)

Fr. Barron to Mundelein rectorship, who knew?

New head man at Mundelein Seminary, reported a week ago by the Daily Herald. Period. It’s no small deal. He has a unique presence and as they say in show biz, chops. Widely published, a television performer a la the great Fulton Sheen, though of considerably different style, a heavyweight theologian. (And brother of the Sun-Times executive editor, for what that’s worth.)

No small deal but overlooked by Trib and Sun-Times in a way that was unthinkable in the 70s, if not later. Where are you, Manya Brachear? No spot news in your quivering quiver?